“One Line at a Time”

I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.  My competition will apply an excess amount of sealant on the grout and then wipe with a wet towel.  This adds water to the sealant and therefore weakens the seal.  I take the time to put on the proper amount on the grout with minimal wiping with a dry towel!  I takes a little longer but, it makes the sealant more durable!




What color do I use?


Every customer gets custom color.  With my expertise and your taste, I mix base colors together creating the perfect color!



Mission Statement


In this company we strive to re-define the meaning of what a Guy is. An Guy is a person you can rely on to provide a service that is courteous, competent, and complete.

Courteous – to be punctual, conscientious
Competent – A full understanding and experience of what it takes to achieve excellent results
Complete – to obtain outstanding results with attention to detail

This is what we strive for at The Grout Guy Incorporated